Cargo Insurance

As part of our mission to provide you with the most comprehensive, superior, service; M.G.A. provides full replacement cargo insurance. This third-party insurance is provided at a rate of 2 - 5 % of the total value of your declared shipment. Even though we at M.G. A. will do our absolute best to ensure that your household and personal effects are handled with the utmost care, attention and protection throughout their journey, it must be acknowledged that moving has its risks. Since nobody is perfect, we recommend that your goods be insured for their full replacement value in the country to which they are being moved. This protects you from the unforeseen and allows you increased peace of mind.

M.G.A. is pleased to provide you with insurance coverage upon your request. During your relocation, we bring you the relevant documents, which you complete and return to us to process and initiate your insurance policy.

A form is needed for each individual shipment that you have i.e. air, sea, storage etc. and your on-the-job supervisor will guide you through the completion of these documents.