Relocations & Moving

We consider every move to be special and we treat you that way. Whether your origin or destination is beautiful Barbados, M.G.A's experienced and trained professionals will make your transition across the globe a smooth one. We at M.G.A. know how stressful it can be to relocate, so from the time we come on board you don't ever have to worry about the safe movement of your shipment.

Free Surveys & Estimates

Survey Estimates:- Your survey estimate is a formal introduction to representatives from the M.G.A. family. We come to your residence or corporation smiling and prepared to help you co-ordinate your move. We identify the items to be shipped; taking note of special procedures, precautions, restrictions, and requirements that may apply; so we can then discuss the needs that relate to your individual move to your particular destination. Our representatives then bring this information back to be processed and sent to you as a personalized quotation.

Some Tips & Reminders for Your Survey Estimate:
  • Schedule - Packing and delivery dates should be most convenient for you.

  • Allowances - M.G.A. cannot operate outside of the limits you or your company set for us.

  • Priority Items - A plan of how you would like to split your effects into various transport categories should be made e.g. urgent items for airfreight, large items such as furniture by sea freight.

  • Details of Items - Catalogue of valuables (if desired), new items, items for special custom crating etc.

  • Insurance - Should you require insurance, would you like M.G.A. to cover you?

  • Storage - Will your shipment require pre or post-move storage?

Packing & Unpacking

If only moving were as simple an exercise as tossing items into a box……But alas it is not. That is why at M.G.A. our specialty is packing your treasured items in the most secure manner. Our staff of professional packers has propelled us to the rank of the region's leading specialists for packing and packaging. From antiques to surfboards, electronics to fine china, works of art to family heirlooms, we specially pack your belongings as though they were ours. Using specially selected industry approved techniques and materials; we take pride in expertly packing your items. Precisely, efficiently, and carefully, the items in your precious shipment are meticulously wrapped, boxed, crated or packed, to meet the journey's demands. We consider factors such as the modes and duration of travel, storage periods, and climate and handling at the destination before evaluating the type of packaging required. When your shipment is fully prepared by M.G.A. for forwarding, you can rest assured that it will arrive uncompromised.

Container & crate stuffing/unstuffing

Should your shipment require the use of large crates (lift vans) or 10-foot, 20-foot, 40-foot or high cube 40-foot containers, M.G.A.'s specialties include their provision, preparation, and transportation, handling, stuffing and unstuffing. Our full range of services applies to outgoing and incoming crate or container loads. No job is too big in the capable hands of M.G.A.

Corporate & Office relocations

We offer prompt, efficient, and organized relocations of local & international company offices. Our team is well equipped to handle all of your office relocation needs. Throughout the process, we are there to ensure that your office move is executed smoothly, with minimum effort on your part.

Local Moving

No corner of the island is out of our reach. Call us today to schedule a survey.

Long haul, excess, limited accessibility, piano & safe carry

It is our job to make things easier for you, even in adverse circumstances. We can provide specialty services & equipment such as cranes, dollies, trolleys, shuttle services and extra manpower to accommodate the unusual items or access to the destination that are sometimes encountered.